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Want to get paid to go to the beach?

Want to get paid to go to the beach?

Here’s your chance to earn some sand dollars. is looking to hire a Retro Beach Motelier, who will visit several retro beach motels across the United States and enjoy oceanside views in 1950s style. The itinerary is comprised of’s 10 best retro beach motels across America, including The.

Attackers employ Telegram and Discord to peddle malware

Attackers employ Telegram and Discord to peddle malware

Popular messaging apps Telegram and Discord attract cybercriminals looking to abuse built-in app features for their advantage. Threat actors combine legitimate app functionality with malicious software to attack unsuspecting users, researchers at Intel 471, a cyber threat intelligence company, claim. Several information stealers that rely on Discord and Telegram float around the web, available.

Attackers exploit Atlassian’s hard-coded password bug

Researchers claim that hard-coded password vulnerability in the Atlassian Questions For Confluence app has been under active exploitation. Problems mount for Atlassian as threat actors find exploits for the latest bugs in the company’s Confluence platform. Last week the company announced a critical vulnerability, CVE-2022-26138, in its Questions for Confluence app that.

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