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We work with some of the world’s leading companies, institutions, and governments to ensure the safety of their data and their compliance with applicable regulations.

Our team members come from a wide range of backgrounds and specialties. All consultants come from a computer science, engineering, or information systems discipline, and many consultants have obtained masters and doctorates. Our team members include published authors, open-source developers, industry researchers, and thought leaders.



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Luka Ramishvili is the owner of the company.

Cyber specialist, OSCP and Forbes 2021 award winner.

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Does any industry face a more complex audience journey and marketing sales process than B2B technology.
I'm not a big brand. Am I still a target?

Small businesses are actually some of the biggest victims when it comes to cyberattacks. While smaller companies don't have the global scale of enterprise organizations they still have valuable business data such as payment information, medical data, or social security numbers. Today’s businesses operate differently with an increasing number of dependencies, information, and partnerships. Hackers will take advantage of these interconnects regardless of size or revenue generated.

I have antivirus and firewall, am I protected?

While still suggested as part of your security layering, these tools have had diminishing effectiveness in preventing breaches. Antivirus can only be relied on for malware that it already knows about. With zero-day threats released everyday it takes time for antivirus companies to reverse-engineer and release a patch. Meaning during that time, you're susceptible to an attack.

Why do I need IT governance?

IT governance provides a structure for aligning IT strategy with business strategy. When you implement a control framework, maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements becomes seamless.

What Tools Do You Use To Manage Our Security?

Advanced Network Systems uses a three-pronged approach to improve cyber protection. This includes industry best practices, state-of-the-art cyber security tools and cybersecurity expertise that only we can deliver. We have partnerships with world-class providers and can often manage some (or all) of the technology you've already made investments in.

How Does Having Good Cybersecurity Help Me Make Money?

A secure network environment enables your employees to be more efficient. For clients and business partners, it also increases the satisfaction and trust level when dealing with your organization. A secure, reliable network helps give your customers access to what they need quickly and without compromise, which increases satisfaction and loyalty. Your clients choose suppliers that they can trust, so secure operations can definitely be used as a marketing tool. We can also help you protect the revenue you generate from mistakes, misuse, and malice. And, depending on your target markets and business strategies, we can help with a variety of other security-related issues as well.


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