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Through excellent service delivery we enable our clients to improve their productivity and reduce their cost while maintaining a healthy and secure infrastructure.


Every organization relies on its network security infrastructure in order to provide its services and make sure its security policies are in effect.
At Cyber-wall we provide a range of services, which can fit any organizations security, needs. Our services include:

o   Firewall & IPS

o   Unified Threat Management

o   Data Loss Protection (DLP)

o   Malware Detection & Prevention

o   Email Security

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Organizations face an ever-increasing list of statutory, regulatory, contractual and legal compliance obligations to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of vital information assets. Information security compliance has become one of the most important drivers in security spending.

Cyber-Wall solutions for Information Security Compliance offer efficient, cost-effective and sustainable compliance frameworks that ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Since information security plays an important role in protecting the data and assets of an organization, Cyber-Wall enables you to implement various security standards such as ISO27001.

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A wealth of information exists in each network infrastructure. These data are generated from existing security and network devices in the environment. Information can be in many formats such as logs, events, etc.

It is very important to centralize all information collected in order to co-relate and analyze them. Only successful correlation and analysis of such information can help an organization increase its security posture.

A comprehensive log management solution allows an organization to gain more visibility into their infrastructure and close any gaps which can expose them to higher risk threats.

Through both executive and detail level reporting organizations can ensure that they are in compliance with their security standards and guidelines.

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Data center is a vital part of each organization. A well-operated data center ensures that the organization can carry on day-to-day business and plan for any business growth with no hiccups.

In the last decade data center technologies has evolved rapidly. In order to run an efficient data center, it is very important to understand how data centers are built and what are key elements in operating an efficient data center.

As businesses grow so does their data centers and the costs associated with them. Hence virtualization becomes a key role in data center expansion. However with virtualization there are other security challenges introduced in the environment.

At Cyber-Wall we have partnered with best in class data center solution and training providers, in order to ensure your business can operate efficiently.

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