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At Cyber-Wall we take pride in our data center services as we start at the core with data center training. Through our partnership with epi, which is a leading data center training provider, we make sure we equip our client with the knowledge and certification necessary in order to run an efficient and secure data center.

We provide a range of data center courses, which can be found here.



Nowadays virtualization is an import part of every data center. Through virtualization an organization can reduce cost, management overhead, and increase efficiency and productivity of its data center.

At Cyber-Wall we have engineers and solution architects who are certified on best in class virtualization software such as VMware.

With virtualizations multiple servers and applications can run completely separate from each other on a single physical machine (server/host). In VMware’s term a hypervisor (which separates the virtual machine from the host) manages and dynamically allocates resources to each virtual machine.


Virtualization and security concerns:

As data centers become more virtualized there are more security challenges facing the virtual servers. A virtualized server is no longer residing on a dedicated separate physical server, which can be protected by ordinary firewall or IPS.

The flow of traffic between the virtual servers and infrastructure needs to be inspected separately as the data might not be leaving the physical server.

At Cyber-Wall to ensure your virtualized environment is protected and secure we use security solutions such as:

o   VMware’s VCloud networking & Security

o   Symantec’s Critical Server Protection (CSP)

o   IBM’s Virtual Server Protection (VSP)

We evaluate each solution against your needs and pick the best solution which fits your environment.



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